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Friends & Neighbors

Steak and Lemonade, and Bar-B-Q Heaven
Sutherland Chapel, Historic Fall Creek Parkway Bridges
Biking & Trekking
Take a stroll or bike ride on the Monon or Fall Creek, two trails in the area.
Friends & Neighbors

The Friends & Neighbors community has roots dating back to 1891 when it was initially called Nordyke & Hollowell’s Grandview Addition. Its land came from various Sutherland family members, who still have a street named in their honor. The current residents of the neighborhood, primarily white collar, work collaboratively to assure a vibrant, diverse, and welcoming community of neighbors and businesses.

With more than 6,000 family households, housing is a mix of Queen Anne and post-Victorian home styles, late mid-century, and new homes. While the area is mostly residential, Friends & Neighbors has a couple of easy-going restaurants directly in the neighborhood such as the aptly named, Steak and Lemonade, and Bar-B-Q Heaven.

Those who enjoy spending time outdoors can find quite a few options to do so. Take a stroll or bike ride on the Monon or Fall Creek, two trails in the area. The neighborhood’s “Triangle” green is an expansive open space right next to the Monon Trail. And right across from the green, visit the beautiful Sutherland Chapel, raised in 1907 on donated land.

Friends & Neighbors is also home to second-oldest of the remaining historic Fall Creek Parkway Bridges. The College Avenue Bridge was built in 1905 by stonemason H.C. Adams. Even though it suffered flood damage in 1913, the city soon repaired and rebuilt it, allowing the community to enjoy its historical importance to the original vision of the city. The bridge, part of the Indy greenway system, is open to the public from dawn to dusk and can be visited on a short driving tour.