1704 Bellefontaine St., Indianapolis, IN 46202

NE Corridor

The NE Corridor in Indianapolis, Indiana represents a community actively engaged in creating a lasting, sustainable form of growth for future generations and neighborhoods that are built to evolve naturally to the needs of its residents. Focused along the former Nickel Plate Rail Line, the NE Corridor contains a broad mix of established neighborhoods, businesses, and stakeholders committed in working across traditional boundaries towards a shared vision of healthy neighborhoods and economic vitality. The Northeast Corridor boasts a high concentrated population, diverse employment centers, and numerous opportunities for development and re-development. The bulk of the corridor runs along the potentially scenic beauty of Fall Creek and contains many historic destinations, numerous parks, and the nationally touted Monon Trail. Lying at the mid-point of the NE Corridor is the highly popular and year-round attended Indiana State Fairgrounds, a staple of the community for over a century.

Through the newly enacted NE Corridor Quality of Life plan, the community looks to build upon its strengths by taking inventory of the community assets, create focus groups to target various needs and implement strategies to successfully achieve goals. With a lack of direct interstate access and the decades of priorities toward northern suburban sprawl and focused redevelopment in the downtown core, the NE Corridor faces the challenge of connectivity. The direct need for safe, viable transportation options along with solid infrastructure is vital to once again connect the communities and residents along the NE Corridor. The NE Corridor, by gathering resources and providing connectivity, has the potential to once again serve as more than just a passage way between two points and stand as a model community for long-term economic growth and livability in the city of Indianapolis.

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