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Crime watch facilitates neighbors keeping an eye on one another by helping them get to know one another, keeping each other updated on issues, and training them on many of the items in this handbook. Crime watch works because neighbors intimately know the people and happenings on their block and can best know when to call in  help from the police.  


How to Form

COMPREHENSIVE PUBLIC SAFETY IMPROVEMENT PLANIndividual neighborhoods may have their own crime watch or public safety committee as part of their neighborhood association. Contact your association to see if there is an existing support network that you can plug into. If not, contact the IMPD East District Crime watch Specialist at 327-6265. The Specialist will help mentor you through the block club formation process. The heart of crime watch is the block club, which is an association of neighbors who face each other on one street block.

IMPD Block Club recognition requires:

  1. Two (2) trainings by IMPD
  2. 50% block participation
  3. One (1) annual gathering
  4. A Block Captain- who is responsible for keeping the program together and keeping neighbors connected.

Key to a successful crime watch is  to include everyone on your block, not just a small group of friends, be cautious with known criminals or problem homes, however. The IMPD crime watch specialist will provide guidance on issues such as this.  



Communication is the key to success of any crime watch effort, large or small. Tools like a phone tree or an email list-serv group can be invaluable in having neighbors share information. Attendance at monthly IMPD district meetings is also helpful in maintaining a personal relationship with the police. The block club level is the most critical part, be sure to share information with other block clubs through neighborhood associations and through the King Park Public Safety Committee, a network of crime watch leaders in our area.


For more information regarding crime watch, please visit IMPD East's webpage.