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In addition to the surrounding population, the King Park Area sits adjacent to downtown Indianapolis, the 12th largest city in the US.  Traffic counts along traditional commercial streets are:

  • 16th: 15-18,000 cars per day
  • 22nd: 5-6,000 cars per day
  • N-S arterials combined: 40,000+ cars per day

For detailed demographic details for each neighborhood in the King Park area, you can click the links below to access PDFs you can download, print or share.

Fast Facts:

The King Park Area is identified by a diverse mix of residents representing various ages, races, and religions.  Because of this, many entrpenuers have found opportunities to create successful niche businesses offering various goods and services.  Some of these more unique business models include:

  • Thirsty Scholar (intimate cafe offering fantastic espressos, teas, coffees, wines and beers all in one location)
  • Tinker Coffee Co (specialty coffee roaster offering the finest coffees from around the world) 
  • Goose the Market (offering an array of fresh meats, cheeses, wine, produce, and sandwiches as if you had just walked into a European market store)
  • Tea's Me (known for expertly crafted and brewed teas in addition to food offerings)
  • Indy's Kitchen (kitchen space designed to support the growing food truck business in Indianapolis) 
  • Tinker Street Restaurant & Wine Bar  (Local ingredients inspire seasonal specials. Plant-based, vegetarian, and vegan options abound, as do meals meant for carnivores)
  • Shoefly Public House (pub food…with international flavors in a relaxed casual setting)