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Ginai Lewis

Ginai Lewis Manning

Real Estate Services Director

317-924-5255 /


Ben Harris

Housing Services Manager/NE Corridor Community Builder

317-924-9342 /



Rossalyn McKenzie

Office Manager


Jackie Foster

Jackie Foster

Rental Housing Compliance

317-924-9632 /



Steven Meyer

Executive Director

317-924-5055 /


Evan Tester

Deputy Director

317-924-8152 /


Rosalie Delarme

Rosalie Cronley

Loan Portfolio Manager

317-602-7402 /

Louisa Varo, Loan Services Manager for the Build Fund

Louisa Varo

Loan Services Manager

317-602-7672 /


Mark Becher

Simon Property Group

Jan Diggins, Resident Director

Kennedy King Neighborhood

Trent Garrett, President

Simon Property Group

Mark Grant, Secretary, Resident Director

Kuhl & Grant LLP and Old Northside

Tom Harton, Vice Preseident

Indianapolis Business Journal

Jason Koke, Treasurer

Cellular Connection

Jenn Lisak, Resident Director

Sapphire Strategy and Herron-Morton Place

Natalie Lott, Resident Director

Kennedy King Neighborhood

Henry Mestetsky, Resident Director

Friends & Neighbors Neighborhood

 Jan Newton, Resident Director

Old Northside Neighborhood

Dolores Wisdom, Resident Director

Kennedy King Neighborhood