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Just minutes north of downtown Indianapolis, the Neighborhoods of King Park are vibrant, livable, sustainable, connected, and welcoming communities that are a model for neighborhood revitalization.

King Park Development Corporation is a non-profit community development corporation (CDC) committed to improving housing, economic development, and quality of life in the King Park area. Founded in 1987 by concerned residents and neighborhood groups, King Park has helped drive the revitalization of neighborhoods in the northern downtown area of Indianapolis through various public and private partnerships.

King Park focuses on comprehensive community development by:

  • Revitalizing neighborhoods by renovating and building affordable housing.
  • Driving economic growth and sustainability with our business services.
  • Directly impacting and contributing to the quality of life through public programs.

Our service area includes the following neighborhoods: Old North Side, Herron Morton Place, Kennedy King, Reagan Park, Fall Creek Place, Friends & Neighbors, and Crosstown.

Each neighborhood offers a unique experience, and our efforts have helped create vibrant, growing communities in the heart of Marion County.

King Park Area Map


The Mission of King Park Development Corporation is to build resilient and inclusive neighborhoods through comprehensive community development that offers access to high-quality housing, economic prosperity, and social opportunities for all residents regardless of income.


Located just north of downtown Indianapolis, King Park is a welcoming residential and commercial community of neighborhoods, providing a full range of housing options, economic opportunities, community services, educational choices, and recreational opportunities for a diverse population.


Ginai Lewis-Manning
Office Manager
Ben Harris
Housing Services Manager/NE Corridor Community Builder
Jackie Foster
Jackie Foster
Rental Housing Compliance
Alex Ervin
Financial Portfolio Analyst
Delena Heath - Update
Delena Heath
Loan Services Manager
Stephanie Quick
Stephanie Quick
Director of Real Estate Development
Evan Tester
Director of Lending
Steven Meyer
Executive Director


Mark Becher

Trinitas Development

Jan Diggins, Resident Director

Kennedy King Neighborhood

Trent Garrett, President

Simon Property Group

Mark Grant, Secretary, Resident Director

Kuhl & Grant LLP and Old Northside

Tom Harton

IBJ Media

LaMar Holliday, Resident Director

Office of the Mayor

Jason Koke, Treasurer

Cellular Connection

Jenn Lisak Golding, Resident Director

Sapphire Strategy and Herron-Morton Place

Henry Mestetsky

Carmel Redevelopment Commission

Jan Newton, Resident Director

Old Northside Neighborhood

Dolores Wisdom, Resident Director

Kennedy King Neighborhood